I am dedicated to sustainability in Sri Lanka, and believe in a comprehensive approach. My vision involves promoting eco-friendly practices, renewable energy, and responsible resource management to reduce our carbon footprint. I believe in building partnerships with local communities, businesses, and environmental organizations to address issues like waste management and deforestation. Together, we can create a more sustainable future.

Volunteering has immense power in fostering unity and creating positive change. I aim to encourage civic engagement by connecting volunteers to meaningful projects, addressing diverse critical needs.

I am committed to transforming Sri Lanka’s education system to make it accessible and of high quality. By investing in infrastructure, teacher training, and curriculum development, we can create a dynamic and inclusive system that empowers every student to excel.

As your dedicated representative, I recognize the pressing issues surrounding housing and lands in our beloved Sri Lanka. The challenges of accessibility, affordability, and equitable distribution are at the forefront of our agenda.

Embrace the beauty of Sri Lanka’s diverse culture on this journey with me. Together, we celebrate the mosaic of Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim, and Burgher traditions.