Milinda The Writer

Growing up, Milinda was much more of a reader and a speaker than a writer. As the years passed by, and his horizons and experiences broadened, while travelling in over 30 countries, meeting and listening to people of all ages, races, and backgrounds, engaging in conversations and debates at forums across subjects and geographies, he found himself constantly absorbing information and opinions he wanted to share with others.

Milinda’s wide sphere of experiences allowed him to draw connections and parallels between different subjects, incidents, and even people whether it be a political debate, a film or a book, or an interesting new colleague he would encounter. With the onset of social media, he found himself with a platform that allowed him to communicate freely with his friends and peers. The more he wrote, the more people responded to his writing.

It was then that Milinda understood that the written word could be a very powerful tool of engagement and an effective method of capturing the attention of a wide audience, especially young people, who had very clear opinions and passionate responses to the subjects that he would write about. He soon gained a loyal following of readers who have been his best supporters as well as his sharpest critics, whose support, criticism and feedback has allowed him to grow into the writer that he is today.