The Book

When entering the world of politics, Milinda realised that one of the most important aspects of a strong political journey is the ability to express your political ideology simply and clearly to all your various stakeholders. Whether someone is a follower, a supporter, or even an opponent, a just political system begins with a well-informed public.

He understood very early on that without having a clearly articulated political ideology and an electorate who had access to the information required to make informed decisions, a country could not progress as a democracy. Misinformation and lack of clarity in politics were often the main causes of people losing faith in a political system.

Having identified the written word as a powerful tool to engage and capture the consciousness of an audience, Milinda began writing about politics, the economy, current affairs, film, literature, art – anything that would incite a response within him, which he correctly predicted would also provoke such a response from his readers.

At its heart, his first book, අයිතිකාරයෝ භාර නොගත් ලියුම් සීයක් (One Hundred Misplaced Letters), is a representation of his lifelong passion for politics. But it also goes beyond, as it combines his need of articulating a clear political ideology and his passion for sharing his opinions with a wider audience, in the hope of engaging them in meaningful conversation about anything and everything that he considers significant in the world.