For anyone living in Sri Lanka, Colombo has always been the ultimate goal to live there, to work there, to educate our children there. For years, the commercial capital of our nation has represented the realization of the hopes and dreams of an entire population. For Milinda, too, the dream of Colombo began many years ago, as a young boy growing up in his village. He saw Colombo as the gateway to a better education, better opportunities, and ultimately, a better life.
Milinda’s campaign for the Colombo Municipal Council was driven by his vision of giving life to the Colombo of his dreams the Colombo he dreamt of as a young boy, growing up in Werella.
This Colombo was a clean, green, resilient, and progressive haven, home to people of any age, race, or religion. A city full of equal opportunity to all, where honest, hardworking Sri Lankans could realize their dreams and achieve their full potential while contributing positively to our country.
This was why his campaign was built on the theme of ‘Realizing the City of Our Dreams’, and continues to be the foundation of his plans for the future of not only Colombo, but Sri Lanka as a whole.

Realising the City of Our Dreams – the Sustainable City of Colombo

Sustainability means the ‘ability to sustain’. Therefore, the Sustainable City of Colombo is a city which will successfully last over hundreds of years into the future. A city where you can live happily, your children can live happily, your children’s children and generations after that can live happily.

A city that is resilient to climate change, natural disasters and global economic collapses.
A city where people breathe clean air and a city that is ‘clean’ in every sense.
A city with an efficient transport system for the people to work and do business without wasting time on the road.
A city with uninterrupted renewable energy supply.
A city suitable for human habitat with good city planning.
A city that recycles garbage efficiently.
A Green City, filled with trees.
A city where people can buy or grow organic and healthy foods easily.
A city where people can do business with ease and can use ICT and digital services to carry out day to day functions easily.
A city without corruption where foreign companies want to open their enterprises.